The Makeup Addict

I wasn't taught how to apply makeup, and I was wondering if you have tips for me or people like me? Eyeshadow and lips seem to be the hardest (partly because one lip arch is higher than the other!) <3 from sassy-people-wanted

Here are some general tips you may find helpful!

Eyeshadow: Use a primer/base to make colors pop and last longer. Use dense brushes for packing color onto the lid and fluffier ones for blending. Many basic looks involve some variation of a lighter color on the lid and a darker color in the crease. Try some color combinations to find what you like! 

Lips: Exfoliate with a scrub and moisturize to make your lips smooth so lipstick goes on evenly. If you’d like to visually even out your lip arches, I suggest using a lip liner to trace over your higher side, and mirror that same shape on the other arch. IMO, it looks better to slightly over-line one side to make it match than to have very uneven arches or under-line a side. You probably only need to do that for bolder colored lipsticks. If you’re using a natural colored lipstick or a gloss, the difference shouldn’t be that noticeable!

Let me know if you have any other questions :)